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How to make sure that working remotely doesn’t leave your team feeling remote

Remote team working
Written by Neela B

The trend towards remote working is inevitable. But are you comfortable with it? I think some leaders, considering the prospect of a remote-working team, have a vision of themselves taking a lovely fleet of origami boats down to a lake, nervously releasing them – and then watching them drift apart, unfurl and finally sink. Remote working = AWOL team? No. Here are a few ways to keep your fleet afloat.


Collaborative working technology is getting every more user friendly. So use it. From Google Docs to Templafy, there’s no need for remote working to mean isolation.


Keep the lines of communication open and ensure that they are clean, crisp and gleaming lines. Don’t even entertain the idea that remote working might mean a reduction in communication. If anything, it should mean more. Voice calls, instant messaging, video conferences: set them all to work.

Recruit wisely

Ensure at the recruitment stage that you and the candidate know exactly why they’re applying to work remotely. Is it for the right reasons? Do they know how to make it succeed? Ask specific questions to find out.

Stay familiar

In the office, we have a sense of each other in space. Even if you’re not in easy eye contact with your team members, nor they with each other, you can still make sure everyone knows – more or less – where everyone else is, so that sense of a physical team endures. Make remote familiar.

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