Women in Leadership

It’s pretty simple – want to beat your rivals on sales, invested capital and equity? Then you need to employ male and female executives equitably at board level (2011 Davies Report). Women make the majority of retail consumer purchasing decisions and savvy organisations are echoing that dynamic in their senior business leadership.

Female executives the world over have already broken through the professional glass ceiling. Yet there are challenges: female executives are more likely to have a negative view of business politics; others feel a tension between work and home life; “Many female executives say they do not want ‘power’, but acknowledge that they would like more influence in the business world”

I am a female executive and business leadership coach. I have worked at board level for over 25 years. I also have over 15 years experience coaching and mentoring multinational executives and their senior teams. My insights, empathy and total immersion turn leaders into global players. I combine direct experience as a senior executive with an intuitive knowledge of leadership and mentoring.

I understand the challenges women in leadership face. I prepare female executives for top roles, and prepare organizations to appoint them.

My programme empowers female executives to:

  • Reach the most senior executive positions and thrive
  • Develop the personal presence and confidence of an effective leader
  • Have a more positive view of networking and internal politics
  • Implement coping strategies and develop resilience
  • Reassess goals with honesty
  • Develop a clear purpose, vision and strategy

My In-company leadership coaching programmes deliver:

  • How to develop best-in-class in-company programmes
  • Research on defining the market place
  • Advice on setting up steering groups and sponsorship programmes
  • Unconscious bias training or Leveraging difference
  • Individual one-to-one coaching
  • Group programmes: workshops and action learning sets (e.g. Women in Leadership)
  • The development of an in-company network
  • Setting up appropriate KPIs and evaluation mechanisms
  • Advice on how to put coaching programmes to work in the real world

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