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Who are the WiSER Women?

WiSER women
Written by Neela B

It’s always exciting when a new initiative doesn’t just seek to promote leadership opportunities for women but actively seeks to create them – particularly when that initiative has a further, and profoundly important, purpose.

Launched earlier this year at the United Nations General Assembly by Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, Masdar, and the Zayed Future Energy Prize, WiSER (Women in Sustainability, Environment and Renewable Energy) aims to both inspire and empower women to be the drivers of innovative, commercial solutions to climate change and the attendant problems of secure access to food, energy and water.

Bringing together women leaders from around the world with diverse fields of expertise, WiSER is creating an environment in which younger women can be mentored to engage with the challenges of sustainability and, collectively, to develop new solutions to problems that have, particularly in the STEM disciplines, been regarded as a male preserve.

Pointing out that climate change disproportionately affects women, especially in developing countries, Dr Nawal Al-Hosany, Director of Sustainability at Masdar and Director of the Zayed Future Energy Prize, wrote at the time of WiSER’s launch that “empowering women and young girls is a vital part of mitigating climate change and accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future”.

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