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What does a Trump presidency mean for women in leadership?

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Written by Neela B

Trump versus Women in Leadership

It’s tempting to believe that Hillary Clinton’s failure to win the US presidency was down to an innate societal bias against women. But I think that’s glib. After all, she may not have made it back to the White House but she did win the popular vote. Yes, more individual voters made their mark for Clinton than for Trump. So, there were clearly broader and deeper explanations which we don’t need to re-examine here.

But there is another very important point that I do want to make. Notwithstanding the Women for Trump movement (and not wanting to rehearse all of the details) there was an undeniably sexist, some might say misogynistic, element in Trump’s campaign.

What might that mean for women aspiring to be in leadership positions?

Well, the good news is that whilst genuine career opportunities for women might turn out to be somewhat limited within the White House itself, the business world will continue to shape its own agenda; an agenda that is increasingly recognising both the social and the economic imperatives of enhancing gender diversity at the highest levels.

As Jeffery Tobias Halter, Corporate Gender Strategist, Author, and TEDx Speaker, said recently in a blog for The Huffington Post: “Businesses will do what they need to do to be successful and progressive companies will still be pushing the envelope to create real change and opportunities for women and minorities. The corporate value that can be gained from a diversity and inclusion standpoint is worthwhile … companies must choose to engage in this work and double-down on conversations about gender and race and use this moment as an opportunity for meaningful dialogue.”

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