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What can we learn from the Jedi about Diversity of Thought?

jedi - diversity of thought
Written by Neela B

In a recent opinion piece, Adriana Colaneri, Chief Marketing Officer at Carat Australia, cited the advice that one of her role models, Tracy De Groose, Dentsu Aegis Network UK CEO, gave to her two young sons in an open letter written in celebration of International Women’s Day. The advice was concise even if seemingly a tad gnomic … ‘Be a Jedi’.

Jedi – the analogy is a strong one.

As De Groose explained, the Jedi are bound together by shared values and beliefs but they don’t all look the same or sound the same. The forces of the Dark Side, however, exhibit a rigid homogeneity. And you don’t need to be a big fan of the Star Wars franchise to know who wins out in the end!

The significance of that for businesses and other organisations is clearly pointed out by Colaneri: “The problem is that innovation and disruption cannot be achieved by a group of people who think and behave the same, viewing the world through the one lens. How can they challenge the status quo when the status quo is what they represent?”


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