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Victors or Victims – the difference that makes a team high performing?

Written by Neela B

In a recent article for CIO, Sharon Florentine considered the insights gained by Eric Winquist, CEO of Jama, and his team when they looked at what made certain product delivery (or project management) teams more successful than others. Their work was centred specifically on the IT industry but I think their insights are of relevance to anyone, regardless of context, with an interest in building high performance teams.

And according to Winquist, it all comes down to mindset. More particularly whether teams see themselves as ‘victors’ or as ‘victims’.

In essence, no matter what the task, victors see opportunities – opportunities to create new business value, opportunities to innovate, opportunities to make meaningful decisions in a collaborative context. Victims, on the other hand, remain rigidly focused on established process, resistant to change and unwilling to share information beyond the dictates of a ‘command and control’ structure.

In other words, victors think outside the box whilst victims stay strictly within its confines.

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