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Why true resilience calls for truly conscious leadership

Written by Neela B

In his recently published book, The Big Pivot, Andrew Winston, a sustainability advisor to Kimberly-Clark, Hewlett-Packard, and Unilever, examines what he considers to be the three mega-challenges that every business should be facing up to: climate change; resource constraints; radical transparency.

He argues that in order to develop the resilience required to deal with these challenges, “companies must transform their strategies in three ways: They must rethink their vision, embracing radical innovation and a long-term mind-set; redefine their valuation methods to account for unpriced costs and benefits; and pursue new kinds of partnerships to achieve goals beyond the reach of individual firms.”

All of which resonates strongly with the fundamental principles of conscious leadership. In particular, the need for a sense of purpose rooted in an awareness of the environment and the importance of an open-minded, creative approach to working with others.

Moreover, it’s an idea that echoes the views expressed in a book published some years earlier, How Resilience Works by Diane Coutu, a former Senior Editor at Harvard Business Review. She wrote: “Resilient people [and companies] possess three characteristics — a staunch acceptance of reality; a deep belief, often buttressed by strongly held values, that life is meaningful; and an uncanny ability to improvise”.


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