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The Leadership Potential of Immigrants

Immigrants and Leadership
Written by Neela B

So it looks as if Donald Trump’s travel ban is gaining some legal traction. For some, this is going to represent a triumph of strong leadership: the President has remained steadfast, rejected all the negative PR and legal resistance as so much hot air, and seen his vision through. Others will see this as a general strengthening of the US – as much as the ban is presented as being about safety, there are those in the US who equate immigrants with scroungers, sapping the country of its resources. And not just in the US – around the world, nationalism is being expressed as isolationism, immigration identified as a major cause of strife and weakness.

Do you know what it takes to move your entire life to another country? To uproot your family and make a new start somewhere with a different language and culture? To integrate into that country while remaining true to your own older identity and traditions?

Strong leadership, that’s what it is.

Whatever your view on the overall benefits of the travel ban, one thing’s for sure: the President’s opposition to diversity is denying his country some strong new leaders, leaders who might have gone on to do great things in the name of the Stars and Stripes. From the Pilgrims on the Mayflower to more recent success stories, the US is built on immigration. Safety? Stalling and stagnation might be the price to pay.

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