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Why Team Leaders Must Look at the Bigger Picture of Mental Health

Team manager and mental health
Written by Neela B

This story about mental health in the UK workforce made waves recently.

There’s been a great deal of support and positivity in online comments sections nationwide, but also plenty of cynicism. Understandably, there are those who reckon the seal of mental health “honesty” has been broken and now – maybe, just maybe – it’s a little too easy to claim psychological ill health. To explain apathy or being fed up or down in the dumps as serious clinical depression or stress.

Maybe there is a bit of that going on. A bit. But I’d urge team leaders to look at the bigger picture. Here, after all, is another instance of honesty seeping into workplace culture. People are being more authentic about how they really feel, about their reality. And I believe that honesty in teams is ultimately going to impact positively on businesses in the long run.

I also hope that, now that they have a vested interest, businesses will start looking more carefully at the question of employee mental health, which should in turn produce better working conditions and well-being schemes. Again, that will have a positive knock-on effect even for those who don’t suffer from depression or stress.

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