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Is there a Right and Wrong in Thought Diversity?

Written by Neela B

The Good and Bad of Thought Diversity

Bit by bit, we’re wearing away at sexual inequality. Yet the reason it’s right to do this is not that women and men think in the same way. We don’t. In 2013, the University of Pennsylvania studied 1000 individuals’ brains and found that men and women are simply wired differently in ways that are endlessly relevant to the workplace.

Women’s marked left-to-right brain wiring is linked to social capabilities such as facial recognition and interpersonal sensitivity; men’s front-to-back engineering makes them better (we’re talking very broadly here) at spatial work and motor functions.

There’s an argument around this that women make better bosses. More importantly, it’s a lesson that there is no good or bad, right or wrong, in thought diversity. Much of it is learned, but just as much of it fingerprinted into us, and is as beautiful as any other pattern in nature.

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