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Never ignore rewarding Millennials in a fun and creative way.

Written by Neela B

Mistake 5 when hiring millennials: Ignoring to reward them in a fun and creative way.

Millennials don’t value alcohol the way that other generations do. Drinking clouds the mind, not enlivens it; it dampens not enables creativity. In a world of digital innovation and economic instability, staying sharp and alert to changes and opportunities is crucial. Instead, splash the booze budget on something they’ll value – a slap- up healthy breakfast, say.

Millennials are open to new ideas and ways of looking at the world, so don’t fall back on hackneyed ideas of what constitutes a treat (they’re not into freebies just because they’re freebies). Lose track of who they are with your choice of rewards, and you start to lose them.

Show creativity, a hunger for meaning. If you’re short of ideas, be playful – ask what they want, what they think they’ve earned or would earn if they achieved a certain goal. Make it a dialogue.

And don’t forget – generosity isn’t just about spending money. Giving of your time and engagement shows Millennials that they are valued. Be inventive and energetic.

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