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Resilience – a question of survival or an opportunity to prosper?

Written by Neela B

BS 65000 defines Organisational Resilience as “the ability of an organisation to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper”. Which is interesting because when we talk about resilience, we tend to focus on ‘survive’ rather than ‘prosper’.

But Steve Cargill, Chief Information Officer for BSI, is quite clear that the words ‘and prosper’ really matter. In his words, “Organisational Resilience reaches beyond risk management towards a more holistic view of business health and success”. His argument being that a resilient organisation is not one that battens down the hatches to weather out a storm that may or not be coming but one that has the adaptability and the flexibility to respond to, and benefit from, changing circumstances and unexpected events.

An important distinction for any organisation to remember.

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