Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing shines a light on ability and personality. A psychometric test is more than an aptitude test; it also measures knowledge, abilities, personality, intelligence and motivations. For business leaders, psychometric testing can be an invaluable metric.

Psychometric testing is used in big business to investigate boardroom dynamics. It’s part of senior management team development. It’s also used to identify and address areas for improvement as a component of personal leadership development and coaching programmes.

I use psychometric tests early in my business coaching mediations to define a starting point. I then combine the results of the tests with input from stakeholders holistically. My leadership coaching team can then use these data to determine and agree on what my coaching clients want to achieve via the leadership coaching programme – and start to move towards it.

A second set of tests are done about half way through the leadership coaching programme. These tests are used to assess progress, and to reassess the original test results. This helps to make adjustments to the leadership coaching programme (or identify areas that need work) in order to achieve my business leadership clients’ desired and stated outcomes.


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