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Pink – The Ultimate Symbol of Millennials “Self-Obsession”?

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Written by Neela B

If you believe everything you read, you might assume that Millennials are the spoilt generation. They eat so much avocado on toast, they’re messing up their chances of buying a house. They expect to progress in their careers just by turning up. They are all entitlement and take, take, take, me, me, me.

And now – this was a new one on me – it appears they even have their own colour. It’s a particular shade of pink. The cheek of it.

I was fascinated by this article. For what is “Millennial” about this shade of pink? Really, this is a shade of pink that just happens to be popular now, a particular pink (a shade of a colour, for heaven’s sake) that has gained traction thanks to certain pop-cultural influences (and influencers) and the digital sharing society we live in. Cultural influence exists in a long continuum: there is nothing inherently “Millennial” about this pink. There is nothing terribly insightful about Millennials as people that we can deduce from it. And when I say “nothing we can deduce from it”, I really mean that there’s no way we can use it to invasively psychologise – and possibly criticise – the Millennials for by analysis of this pink.

As I’ve suggested in a previous blog, Millennials must be sick, yes of being attacked, but also of being so minutely examined. This is a pretty nice shade of pink. I’m not sure it needs to be called “Millennial”.

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