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Never Chain Millennials to their Desk

Millennial Mistakes
Written by Neela B

Mistake 3 when hiring millennials: Chain them to their desk.

Be fluid with time and space. Millennials are attuned to the relationship between mind and body – chaining them to the desk will see them plotting their escape.

Let them exercise their bodies and they’ll exercise their minds… The office desk is basecamp, but there are plenty of other valid places to do good work – breakout areas, cafes, home. Can that paper be reviewed – and reviewed more successfully – somewhere the phone won’t ring? Might the chat be better conducted, or the problem mulled over, during a walk round the block? Are they morning people? Night owls?

Find out. Work it in. Encourage exercise or mindfulness breaks (can a space be assigned to the latter?).

All of this builds in trust, which enhances the bond between you and your team.

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