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Never underestimate the digital savviness of your Millennial employees

Millennials tech savvy
Written by Neela B

Mistake 6 when hiring millennials: Underestimating their tech and digital savviness.

Millennial employees are digital natives. In the same way that a native speaker of a language can take innovative leaps with their mother tongue and explore its possibilities with confidence, so Millennials are with tech. Encourage them to speak it. Invite innovation. Watch them open doors you didn’t even know were doors, find solutions you thought you’d have to contract out. And don’t feel threatened – if you show willing to learn from them, the business will benefit, and so will your bond.

This helps too with the “boring” sides to the role – the answers might be dazzling. So too when an industry has a “boring” reputation – the new skills are exciting.

Roll out a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy and ensure that employees can connect to company systems easily – this feeds in to the ideal of flexible working and the Millennials’ multi-screen familiarity.

Finally, check the company’s social media with them – does it speak to Millennials?

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