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4 Leadership traits that can turn a company round

Written by Neela B

OK, things are not going well. That must not mean forgetting everything you’ve learned about leadership, hitting the bunkers and hoping for the best. This is when all the skills you’ve taken on board must flow as freely as ever before. Here are a few pointers to bear in mind:

Remind your team what success looks like

When things are going badly, we can start to forget what success looks and feels like. Then we’re really in trouble. Start small. Point out minor triumphs – this takes skill, if you’re not to sound deluded. But get it right and momentum builds. Then you can ask for more of these little victories. They add up.

Show up

Do not go missing. Do not bury your head in the sand. Mindfulness techniques can keep you grounded and present and open.

Unclog the channels of communication

The tension, the putting-out-fires atmosphere of a struggling business can bring on white noise, or cause people to stop talking to one another as they focus on trying desperately to at least get their bit right. Don’t let that happen.

Eyes on the prize

Not down at the floor. Not flitting nervously. As mentioned in a previous blog, mindfulness techniques can keep the stress demons away and make sure our physical presence does not betray inner turmoil.

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