business Leadership Coaching

All senior business leaders and executive teams need to be supported – and challenged. And like sensitivity, a little objectivity goes a long way. I can provide it.

My executive leadership coaching team often works with:

  • New appointees to senior executive roles
  • Boards and other senior leadership teams
  • Executives or organizations undergoing upheaval and/or change

Individual executive leaders often need to learn new leadership skills. We can help.

My executive leadership coaching team enables:

  • The effect of business leadership presence
  • Enhancement of your personal brand
  • Employee and shareholder relations
  • Understanding the business and wider political environment
  • How to enhance your existing executive leadership skills
  • How to handle differences of opinion and turn them into positives
  • How to share information while retaining leadership credibility
  • Mining your dormant wellsprings of learning and inspiration to benefit the business

What makes a successful business leader?

Today’s business leaders face many challenges. These include:

  • Increasing competition for resources
  • Environmental considerations
  • Leveraging instant communications
  • Successful consumer engagement via social media etc.
  • Combining ethical conduct with commercial success

Leaders of durable organizations combine sensitivity with resilience. They listen carefully to business stakeholders’ views. They are decisive. They communicate well. They have a clear personal vision. They have involved leadership presence and a well examined value system.

I call this Conscious Leadership.

My diverse business leadership clients put my Conscious Leadership coaching to work in order to meet these challenges head-on. To propel their companies into the future. To win.

“Smart business leaders leverage trends. Visionary business leaders shape them.”

Some people are born leaders. For most, exceptional business leadership skills need to be nurtured or acquired. That’s where I come in. I have a deep understanding of the theory and practise behind successful leadership born of experience. I know what it takes to become the best in business. That’s how I turn leaders and executive teams into global business players.

My bespoke business leadership coaching services broadly comprise:

  • Team business leadership coaching
  • One-to-one business leadership coaching
  • Millennials coaching
  • Development of business leadership presence
  • Being an effective ChangeMaker
  • Women in business leadership
  • Business & Leadership Resilience