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Leaders need a platform – metaphorically speaking

leaders and platform
Written by Neela B

Leaders and platform as words in the same sentence can easily conjure up images of precisely the kind of leadership we want to move away from. A hectoring, grandstanding, listen to me, one-way-only style of leadership that has delivered many of the problems that the world now needs to address.

Leaders and Platform – Metaphorically speaking

But a metaphorical platform is a very different proposition. For Madeline Bell, President and CEO of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), a leadership platform is not a pulpit from which to pronounce but a set of values that define what you stand for. It lets everyone else in the organisation know what you will be held accountable for. And what standards you expect other people to live up to.

Because the fact is that if you don’t establish your own platform. Those around you will fill the vacuum by working to their own, disparate agendas. And you will be failing in what some would argue is your primary purpose as a leader. To set the ethical compass, the fundamental values, by which the organisation should steer its course.

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