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“You manage inventories. You coach people.”

Written by Neela B

“You manage inventories. You coach people.” The words of coach Morgan Randall in John Brubaker’s fictional work Seeds of Success which is subtitled A Leader, His Legacy, And The Lessons Learned.

One of the lessons that Brubaker himself has learned – and which he examines in a recent article – is that coaching should be integral to the way all organisations operate. Indeed, he believes that “everyone should both have a coach and be a coach”.

Drawing a distinction between coaching and management, he argues that whilst coaching is fundamentally concerned with bringing out the best in people, management can all too easily descend into trying to control what they do.

And there’s evidence out there to suggest that he makes a good point. Brubaker cites research undertaken by Bersin by Deloitte and a similar study carried out by ICF in partnership with the Human Capital Institute, both of which strongly suggest that businesses with a strong coaching culture outperform those that have failed to embed such an approach.

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