Shake it Off, Ladies: 12 Ways for Women to Build Resilient Careers.

12 Ways for Women to Build Resilient Careers.
Written by Neela B

How to build a resilient Career?

I watched Suffragette recently and was struck by how much those early feminists had to endure in order to win the vote. It took conviction, perseverance, courage — in a word, resilience. The suffragettes had it. Malala has it. Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson has it. So does any woman who has bounced back from failure, or withstood hardship or religious persecution.
You don’t have to be born with resilience — it can be (arguably, it must be) learned. And since resilience is forged in adversity, it gives hardship a silver lining. The pursuit of resilience gives you licence to “fail better”.

You can practise it at any stage of your career. At a recent Women in Leadership breakfast, director Francesca Ecsery gave us some great (and laugh-out-loud) insight based on her own experiences.

Click here for the article in the Huffington Post with her 12 takeaways to build resilience.



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