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Deferred gratification. How much are we asking Millennials to sacrifice?

Millennials to sacrifice
Written by Neela B

In many ways, Millennials are not so different to older generations. People have always essentially wanted the same things at the outset of their working lives. Support and training (but not micromanagement). Recognition. Opportunities to make a real contribution. Career advancement. The financial rewards necessary to move on in life.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Yes and no. Go back a generation and any baby boomer with even a reasonably well-paid job was able to take out a mortgage. And as house prices continued to rise, many of them soon found that they had wealth. Not just income. Apart from a relatively few highly successful Millennial entrepreneurs (who are not looking for salaried positions anyway) that opportunity doesn’t exist in the same way and doesn’t seem likely to be coming back any time soon.

Of course, the young of every generation have had to make sacrifices, defer their financial gratification. But just how much is our society asking of Millennials? As reported in an article by Justine Roberts, 72% are willing to put off having children and 71% would consider delaying marriage.

Much has been written, and is being written, about attracting, recruiting and motivating Millennials. But maybe the recruiters, typically of a different generation, need to bear in mind the opportunities that they had and Millennials don’t.

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