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Do Millennials really want what you think they want?

Written by Neela B

Pretty much every employer of any size wants to attract the best and the brightest Millennials. But, according to Melissa Louis, a managing consultant with Gallup which has done extensive survey work in the field, one thing they most definitely should not do is try to ‘get down with the kids’.

In other words, if you’re of a different generation to the people you’re trying to recruit, accept that fact. Younger people won’t expect you to share all of their cultural tastes or modes of expression. So, don’t try to pretend that you do.

But they will be interested in your values. Or, more specifically, the values that underlie your corporate culture – and that means the values that are genuinely lived out, not the ones that may be listed in some policy document that is long overdue for review. Indeed, a need to recruit Millennials can be a very good spur to seriously rethinking what your corporate values are.

Pallavi Jha expressed it well in an article for The Financial Express. “Identify your employee value proposition that sets your organisation apart—it could be your flat structure, ethics, community focus or your unconventional approach … An aspirational, long-term vision and how you intend to achieve it is often what attracts young employees in the first place.”

Reflecting that theme, Vikas Vij reported recently on a Millennial Employee Engagement Study, produced by Cone Communications, which claims that “64 percent of Millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work”. Moreover, the study suggests that 83% would feel greater loyalty to an organisation which gave them the opportunity to become involved in social and environmental issues.

So, forget about the hip frills and thrills. And focus on the values.

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