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Diversity is not just the “right” thing to do

Written by Neela B

Do you have any lingering doubts about the value of diversity? Is there a little bit of you that thinks “I’ll play along for now but no doubt the tried-and-tested HR ways will be back before too long”? Then how about this story?

I can’t speak for any of the individuals surveyed (though I’d love to speak to them) but I suspect that what most of those employees recognise is that the old way of doing things was just plain rotten to the core. At a human level, inclusivity just feels right in the gut.

But as I have pointed out time and again, it’s also really very good for business. You’re guaranteed a greater level of innovation, you’ll find a richer variety of skillsets presenting at interview and you’ll avoid alienating potential customers and clients.

When Uber’s investors called for Kalanick to go, it wasn’t – it appears – for reasons of compassion to those hurt by the culture he was responsible for. It is because they feared that Uber’s fares would start drying up.

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