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Diversity in Recruiting doesn’t mean that you’re Done with Diversity!

Written by Neela B

First things first – recruiting diversely according to established notions of what that means is a start. But a different social, ethnic or cultural background does not make a different mindset – or at least not necessarily.

Of course, recruiting for those areas of diversity – as well as for gender – has some obvious benefits.

The first is that you’re less likely to be completely irrelevant to segments of your audience. With business now an international community, there are endless opportunities for misunderstandings and disconnect. Trust – which includes easy communication – brings deals. Moreover, in our connected world, customers can register – and widely share – their dissatisfaction more readily than ever. If you drop a clanger or rile a certain group, there’s a good chance it will have both business and PR repercussions.

But it’s crucial to know that looking around your office and seeing diversity does not mean you’re done with diversity.

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