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Never forget to coach Millennials and encourage development

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Written by Neela B

Mistake 4 when hiring millennials: Thinking they don’t want coaching and development

Be a mentor, a coach, an engaged parent – bear in mind that personal expression and fulfilment is paramount to Millennial employees. In life (not just this in role), what are their strengths?

And their weaknesses? Find out. Come at it from this direction rather than with the role as the starting point. Constantly seek to find out how the role is tallying with the Millennial employee’s personal goals. If it isn’t, can it be tweaked so it gets closer to that path? This job is just one part of that mosaic. For Millennials, individual development is not secondary.

A culture of honesty is crucial to this – when you ask, “Is this working for you?”, you need a truthful response. You are more likely to get this if you can empathise with their personal goals, if you can show you understand how it might not be working for them – give them examples.

If a Millennial does a training course, follow up. Find out how the skills learnt are being used. Training courses as a box tick are anathema. Making them relevant weaves in an additional thread of meaning to their employment. And, depending on circumstances, consider being there at the start of the day; can you check in towards the end from time to time too?

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