The Changemaker Programme

The ability to navigate transition is essential to successful business leadership. Managing transformation in those around you is only part of the challenge for business leaders: a successful leader must be adept at riding the wave of change intrapersonally, too.

The exclusive ChangeMaker Programme explores and builds on the reality that in order to manage change properly, self-awareness is required in the business leader and leadership team. Indeed, managing external change successfully can only happen via internal change.

My ChangeMaker leadership coaching team shows business leaders that deeper self-awareness helps them identify triggers in advance, and to spot hidden ‘traps’ proactively. A more resilient leader is the result: an executive who can ride-out turbulence, and prevail.

Such robustness in senior leaders is fundamental to the endurance of their businesses. Business resilience is principal to my business leadership coaching services. By enabling senior executives to embrace their here and now, I empower them to think long term.

The benefits are proven, and long lasting.

The exclusive ChangeMaker Programme is tailored for senior business leaders moving through personal or business transition. It’s designed for executives who need to mobilise themselves and others in order to embrace a new strategic business vision or business direction. It is ideal for senior leaders who respond to shared learning with an individual approach well. The Programme also endows a broader personal experience to draw on when supporting others.

The ChangeMaker Programme lasts for six months. It combines a business leadership coaching workshop with three individual executive coaching sessions.

You will work with six to eight likeminded business leaders. In between leadership coaching workshops I facilitate group calls to provide mutual support, reinforcement, sounding boards for inevitable roadblocks, and individual business leadership coaching sessions.

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