Business Leadership Presence

Successful business leaders combine sensitivity with resilience, awareness with decisiveness, and thoughtfulness with good communication. I call this state of mind Conscious Leadership.

Conscious business Leadership entails outstanding leadership presence. So what’s that?

Business leaders’ and leadership teams’ non-verbal communication projects deep realities that those around them react to subconsciously. A truly present senior business leader is a centred one. This mindfulness in leaders and leadership teams prompts more direct, honest and open (and ultimately useful) communication than a preoccupied state of mind does.

As a successful business leader then, your physical presence entails a deep commitment to the here and now, to a well examined value system, and to a clearly articulated vision.

I provide one and two day business Leadership Presence courses that explore:

  • Leadership Presence – Assessment of and feedback on your business leadership presence
  • Centeredness/mindfulness – The impact being centred can have on your perceived leadership presence
  • Leadership Values – Developing a sense of real identity in order to have a grounded presence
  • Who am I as a Leader? – And who do I want to be? A leader is made of body, mood and language
  • Physical presence piece – Coaching participants to create personal physical presence in leaders
  • What do I stand for? – My vision and what I symbolize as a business leader
  • Making important/difficult requests – Bringing everything together in order to respond to a difficult request

My business leadership coaching team provides potent, enjoyable business Leadership Presence courses that empower senior executives and leadership teams to win.

Please get in touch to find out how my business Leadership Presence coaching can help you.

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