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Are Millennials naive about their prospects?

Written by Neela B

Millennials get accused of a lot and normally I’m the first to jump to their defence. But in this instance, I’m wondering if they’re being a little naive.

A recent story relates how the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers survey for 2017 suggests that Millennials reckon overall that technology is beneficial to their job prospects, rather than a threat.

I hope that’s true, but everything points to humankind being in the early throes of a fourth industrial revolution. If the third saw all things digital get a foothold in the workplace, the fourth might just see digital become the workplace.

Millennials optimism

I wonder if Millennials optimism is linked to how technology has served them up to now. It has been one long honeymoon period, really! Technology has made things more instant, more fun and more connected. One reason for these effects is that technology is so very good at efficiency. And it’s this characteristic that Millennials must bear in mind when considering the progression of their careers. What can they do that technology cannot? The range of options is narrowing with every passing year.

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