Neela Bettridge – About me

Neela Bettridge introduction

Hello, I am Neela Bettridge. Welcome to my site. My sensitivity and experience enable me to be intuitive to my clients’ emotional and psychological realities (and broader contexts), and to act on them. Though innately empathetic, I am totally forthright with the business leaders and leadership teams I coach. This stimulates them to respond in kind. My business leadership coaching brings the best out of leaders. It thus enables them to give of their best – and to keep getting better. And to endure.

As a business leadership coach I have a diversity of senior executive clients in a broad array of business sectors. I mentor leaders and leadership teams to deal with, and leverage, boardroom complexity and rapid change calmly – and mindfully. I nurture and thereby enhance their business leadership presence, professional impact, and communication.

I enable business leaders and leadership teams to develop professional vision and thus long-term business strategy. I encourage senior leadership executives to see things in the broadest context, yet to explore their deeper selves. This helps business leaders mine inner resources of learning and inspiration. All this empowers my executive clients to lead well, to manage change, and to better meet the complex challenges of new business leadership roles.

The range of my executive experience is essential to the success of my senior leadership coaching mediations. My nature is to nurture. I thus mentor leadership teams and individual male and female executives with authenticity.

I have consulted on business resilience for many years as a business executive and leadership coach. I now empower organizations of all sorts and sizes to create innovative, long term business strategies that mitigate commercial risks and present new business opportunities.

The form of my coaching delivery depends on the context and exact requirements. I develop a rapport with my senior executive clients; this professional but essentially human connection enables clarity of communication in either direction. I encourage my executive leadership clients to address and honestly express deep internal – and external – realities. Leaders and leadership team members thereby identify shared personal values and business objectives.

I challenge business leaders’ perspectives on what they do, why, and how. I help them to:

  • Gain a competitive business advantage
  • Work as an executive leadership team
  • Leverage business risk successfully
  • Take advantage of opportunities in business
  • Talk honestly and openly about values
  • Think long term

As a consequence, leaders learn to communicate and to work together effectively.

My proven business leadership coaching skills and broad executive acumen help business leaders globally to think long term, and to gain a competitive business edge. I can prove it.

Get in touch to find out how my business leadership coaching can help you.

My bespoke business leadership coaching services broadly comprise:

  • Team business leadership coaching
  • One-to-one business leadership coaching
  • Millennials coaching
  • Development of business leadership presence
  • Being an effective ChangeMaker
  • Women in business leadership
  • Business & Leadership Resilience

I work with senior business leaders and leadership teams in the private sector (including groups and independents) and in the non-profit sector (including NGO and trade unions).

I also work as a leadership coach cross culturally in Asia, America, the Middle East and Europe. My business leadership coaching clients include: